Sometimes your blogging journey feels like a dead-end road.

You tell yourself you’re going to write, and you don’t. You finally sit down to write, and can’t bring yourself to hit “publish”. You feel like nobody reads what you write anyways. Is it even worth it?

Meanwhile, your pictures don’t look right when you share your blog posts, your mailing list doesn’t seem to be working, and you keep tripping over bits of HTML and CSS. You’re this close to throwing your whole damn computer out the window and opening a bottle of wine instead.

I know. I’ve been there. I can help you.

For over ten years I’ve been writing on the internet and making websites, and have been down that dead-end road more times than I can count. But I’ve learned how to solve those problems, get unstuck, and keep going.

So I’ve put together a kick-ass coaching package to share with you what I’ve learned. It includes one-on-one coaching calls where we’ll tackle what’s keeping you stuck, weekly accountability to help you overcome procrastination, feedback and editing on your blog posts so you can strengthen your voice, and tech support for all those pesky technical details that make blogging not-so-fun. Look:

Clumsy Bloggers' Coaching

  • one 30-minute coaching phone call per month
  • accountability, feedback, and editing on one blog post per week
  • availability via email or text messaging for troubleshooting and tech support

Questions? Send me an email. I can’t wait to talk to you!



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