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I view this space as my house, not a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Because it is a personal blog (not a forum or a chat room or a message board) it’s up me to decide what comments are approved.

In order to maintain a sense of order and decency, I may delete or moderate comments or ban commenters at my discretion for any reason.

This is not censorship. My goal is not to silence opposing view points, but to keep the comments section civil and not too chaotic.

If your comment is excessively long, redundant, mean, or off-topic, I may delete it.

If you are parroting stock talking points without actually engaging the content of the post, I may delete your comment.

If you’re dominating the conversation or chasing rabbit-trails, I may delete your comments. (Give everyone a chance to talk.)

If a long thread of comments is not of general interest or related to the original topic, I may delete it. (The comments section is intended to allow for response to the original post, not to host arguments between readers.)

If your comment was a response to a troll and I deleted the troll’s comment, I may delete your comment too – just to keep keep things from becoming too confusing and unreadable.

If your comment is an ad hominem retort, a gross generalization, or a lazy insult I may delete it.

If your comment is a complaint about “censorship” or “silencing”, I will (ironically) delete it.

If you have a link to something you wrote related to the topic, that’s cool. If you’re just spamming, I may delete it.

If your comment is deleted, you are not being censored or silenced. The internet is a big place, and you’re welcome to share your views on your own blog, or the forum or message board. of your choosing.

Basically, be cool.

Thanks for reading.