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spirituality coach & minister of nature


I believe in connection.


As spiritual beings in a universe of vast relationality, our lives are most meaningful when they are filled with the vibration of deep, authentic connection -- with our fellow humans, with our marvelous planet, and with the deepest parts of our own souls.


As a spiritual coach and minister of nature, my calling is to help you nurture the most important connections in your life.


I work with individuals, couples, and organizations to bring into being spiritual realities where harmonious and open-hearted connections lead to whole-hearted living.

Whether you are looking for 1:1 coaching, unique rituals and ceremonies, or custom-designed spaces and experiences, my goal is to bring nature's sacred energy into your life in vibrant manifestations.


about me

For a very long time I believed in that a loving, powerful God was in control of the universe and had a plan for my life. This belief made me miserable, and eventually became too implausible to maintain.

I sought God and found mostly absence, and at first this seemed sad and frightening. But I have found in the absence a relationship with nature that has become the ground for a deep and meaningful spirituality.

I help people nurture the most important connections in their life and make meaning out of this mysterious existence we share. This takes many forms: coaching, ceremony, writing, art.


"I had an incredible experience working with Micah. After our coaching I felt centered, and I felt that I was able to be unafraid in my pursuit to create my own spirituality. Micah walked me through my goals and did great at asking questions and giving me resources, without me ever feeling like he was moving me towards a specific answer. I totally recommend his coaching for anyone that needs some direction on a spiritual journey."

- Francesca

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