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18 Things I'd Tell My 18-Year-Old Self

1. You want so badly to be cool. And that’s ok. But in a few years, you’ll realize that the people you admire are the humble ones.

2. Stop trying so damn hard to make God like you. He already does.

3. You’ll never be a perfect Christian, and all your frantic efforts are only going to make you miserable. Relax.

4. Just love God and love the people you meet and you’ll be headed in the right direction.

5. Don’t be afraid. You’ll make mistakes. That doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

6. Feminists, gay people, Democrats, and Catholics can all be “real Christians” too.

7. Don’t listen to talk radio. Watch The Daily Show instead.

8. Half of what you’ve been taught is a lie. Have fun figuring out which half.

9. You’ll miss your brothers in a few years. Enjoy them now.

10. You really shouldn’t kiss dating goodbye.

11. Keep journaling and blogging. Don’t stop taking pictures.

12. Empathy. Get you some.

13. When it’s time to leave, you’ll know. Don’t wait two more years.

14. Don’t worry so much about money. You’ll have enough, somehow or another.

15. Stop wearing cargo shorts, bro.

16. Love people. But don’t live to please them.

17. Don’t listen to the people who think they know “God’s will” better than you do. You’re a grown man. Follow your heart.

18. They’ll try to tell you their oppression of you is freedom. Don’t listen to them. You’ll know when you’re free.

Inspired by @dear18yroldself

published October 4, 2013

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