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some stuff i've written about Blogging

day 4: random chance, bad luck, and sunshine

Yes, there’s a brilliant spark of creative intent at the beginning of all things but also: random chance, bad luck, sunshine, shitloads of human free will, evolution (maybe? don’t judge me), and lots of general shenanigans / fuckery. (how long O Lord?)

day 1: all the static and colors inside of me

I’m here because I want to be the kind of person who writes. I want to stay in the habit of putting words to all the static and colors inside of me. Even if it’s just for ten minutes.

Upon Looking at One’s Childhood Home on Google Maps 

It’s been almost twenty-five years since I’ve been inside, but I remember it clearly (clear, like a photograph slightly yellow with age but infused with memories).

Final Notice

this is a poem about the
(Water Service has been scheduled for disconnection)
i found taped to my door this morning
and about the existential crises
inspired thereby

What I've Been Doing for The Past Six Months

You may remember I was super sad, and then I got divorced, and then I did a bunch of yoga and cooking, and then I stopped blogging. Now I’m back.

When Blogging Isn't Fun and Nothing Else Is Either

Yesterday at 3:17 p.m. I typed into Google “I don’t feel joy.” I had no reason to be unhappy, and yet…

A Love Letter to Bloggers

I’m grateful for a place to put my words — barely edited and a little bit undercooked. And I’m so very grateful that you’re doing the same thing.

Why I'd Rather Be a Happy Blogger Than a Successful One

Amber Salhus is one of my favorite Clumsy Bloggers. In addition to writing great words, she’s always cracking us up in the Clumsy Bloggers’ Facebook Group with her cussing and her GIFs. When she showed me her list of blog…

Three Things I Learned about Blogging (by Not Blogging)

I met Aaron Smith a few years ago at a blogging conference in Portland. We’ve been reading each other’s stuff for a few years now, and I’m continually impressed with the raw honesty that Aaron brings to the page. He’s also…

How to Find Time to Write When Your Kids Are on Summer Break

Today in the Clumsy Bloggers’ Workshop, I was soliciting ideas for my next “How to” post… hoping for something reasonable and simple like “How to Make Links Look Good on Facebook” or “How to Find Pictures for Your Blog“. But then…