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13 Text Messages I Sent in 2016

Literally just thirteen screenshots of stuff I texted to people this year, presented in no particular order for your amusement and delight.

To My Friends Who Voted for Donald Trump

did you think this wouldn’t happen? or did you think you could vote for a man who consistently appealed to hatred, xenophobia, and fear mongering and then wash your hands of the results?

day 18: this illusion of vulnerability on internet screens

What does it mean for folks like us (who choose to write certain words about our lives on internet screens for anyone to read) that the thing withheld is often the real story?

You'll Need to Come Through Me

The Republican party should know, my fellow Christians should know, my Facebook friends should know, my family should know… if you try to harm my LGBT brothers and sisters, you will need to come through me.

Just Love (Ellie's Story)

Ellie’s most palpable and significant gift was her ability to bring people together, to create connections. Whether you knew her for 5 minutes or 25 years, you felt her remarkable spirit touch your heart.

Love in the Age of Tinder

Are they ruining their lives? Or am I missing out? Does this window-shopping dance make us all consumers of love and of each other?

7 Simple Ways to Love Yourself Today

To be wholehearted is a radically subversive act. Begin here. Be gentle. Be patient with yourself. And don’t give up.

We Need to Talk About Sexual Assault

Guys, we need to talk about sexual assault. I don’t just mean now. I mean we need to wake up and pay attention. How long are we going to let this be the status quo? When are we going to...

20 Books You Should Read This Year

This is mostly a random selection of stuff I’ve read in the past year, or bought on Amazon to read next year, or found at a thrift shop last week. If you’re looking for new (old) books to read in...

How Not to Discover God's Will For Your Life

I came across some bullshit today. And by “bullshit”, I mean a few pages from the “Wisdom Booklets” that were the core part of Bill Gothard’s  homeschooling curriculum. I had three thoughts when I read this bullshit: “I remember this....