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Pursuing Justice ( A Review )

Pursuing Justice Review

“The truth is, we are all giving our lives away…” Pursuing Justice showed up in my mailbox sometime before Christmas, and then sat on the workbench in my garage for a few months. I’m not sure why I put off reading it for so long – maybe because the idea of reading and reviewing books…

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Sex, Lies, and TV Commercials

This is the part of the blog where I write about gender politics as portrayed in Super Bowl commercials. A few years ago I would have thought this was liberal, feminist nonsense. I don’t think so anymore. The Bible tells us that we should not allow the culture around us to influence our mindsets, but…

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A Letter to the Applebee's Waitress

Dear Chelsea, You’ve had a rough week. First, there was that pastor who visited your restaurant and decided that, because she gives God 10%, she should be excempt from the 18% gratuity on her bill. Even though you weren’t Paster Bell’s server, it’s infuriating to see that kind of disrespect from guests. When she was…

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The Unexpected God

Santa or God

What is the god like? (This is the question that has haunted us all along.) Does it laugh? Does it cry? Does it care about humanity? Does it have a name, a face, a personality? We all have a mental picture of “God”. For many of us he is kind, wise, and distant. A long,…

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Voting for Himself

President Barack Obama Voting

We are on the brink of moral implosion. America has plunged head-first onto the slippery slope of sin and now we are hurtling toward an inevitable chasm of absolute moral chaos. What would have never been acceptable a few generations ago is now prime-time entertainment. Kids these days live lawless lifestyles of perpetual cyber-sexing and…

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Five Questions with Lacey Sturm (of Flyleaf)

Jesus once said that you would know who His followers are by their love. I think when He said that, Jesus was describing Lacey. Her love for God and deep knowledge of His love for her overflow to everyone she meets. She has a powerful voice, a sincere faith, and a beautiful family. I hope…

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Red Letter Revolution ( A Review )

Red Letter Revolution: Shane Claiborne & Tony Campolo

You might not want to read this book. It will make you angry. It will make you shake your head in disagreement. And it will probably make you realize that there are some things about your life that you need to change. So if you want to read something you’ll agree with that will make…

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A Faith of Our Own (A Review)

A Faith of Our Own

Probably the most common metaphor used in conversations about generations and culture is the dreaded pendulum. “Beware of the pendulum effect!” some wise person will invariable interject into the conversation. “Because your parents were too strict, you’ll be tempted to go and become all liberal.” Whether it’s political involvement, theology, or child rearing techniques, we…

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Jesus is My Candidate?

Jesus for President

We’re almost there. November is coming, and with it Election Day. Then maybe all this will subside. Right now you can’t go anywhere – in real life or on the internet – without being bombarded by politics. It’s the worst sort too: ugly, deceitful, angry, self-righteous politics from every corner. But what if, instead of…

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Five Questions with Jason Burkey

Jason Burkey

I met Jason a few years ago on the film set of “For the Glory.” He was the main movie star and I was the guy who stands next to the guy who runs the camera. Later on I saw him in the beautiful movie “October Baby“, where he plays the heroic boyfriend. He’s good…

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