some stuff i've written about My Life


A Review of Trader Joe’s (Shoreview, MN)

I normally am not one to review grocery stores, but I took a funny picture of a non-sequiturical avocado sign there a few days ago (“great for birthday parties!”) and tagged it and now Facebook is all aggressive like “HEY...

Ten Minutes in Starbucks

I’m in a Starbucks on the north edge of Minneapolis and I have about ten minutes until I have to leave to pick up the kids from the last day of summer daycamp. Instead of refreshing Twitter in hopes of...

The Last Day of July

I am surrounded by gremlins with good hearts and under-developed brains. This is what I tell myself as I collapse into our big yellow armchair (IKEA STRADMON) and survey the wreckage of an ordinary summer day in a house with...

Toby (a Love Story)

“Don’t you think that dog is beautiful?” she asks, showing me a picture of a pit bull on the animal adoption website for the hundredth time. She sees something in them that I just can’t quite find, and believes with...

Maybe it’s time to pivot, motherf*cker.

I’ve been writing this one in my head for just over a year now. But I wanted to get the colors just right before I showed you. It was a year ago — late winter, when the snow is just...

11 Things I Learned on #Whole30

So I thought, 'F*ck it, may as well do the Whole30'. And that's how I embarked on this life-changing quest.

To Lose Myself in Earth's Shallow Soil

I feel the soil of our planet growing thinner. It's becoming more difficult to find space where we can send our roots down deep, for strength and water and life. Do you know what this feels like?

day 8: for one perfect moment

This afternoon a child born from a spark of my own DNA fell asleep with his head on my chest, and for one perfect moment all was right in this fucked-up world.

day 2: how life is supposed to feel

I'm realizing that "is this how this thing is supposed to feel?" is probably a counterproductive question. but still it runs laps through my head...

Upon Looking at One’s Childhood Home on Google Maps 

It’s been almost twenty-five years since I’ve been inside, but I remember it clearly (clear, like a photograph slightly yellow with age but infused with memories).