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some stuff i've written about My Life

day 8: for one perfect moment

This afternoon a child born from a spark of my own DNA fell asleep with his head on my chest, and for one perfect moment all was right in this fucked-up world.

day 2: how life is supposed to feel

I’m realizing that “is this how this thing is supposed to feel?” is probably a counterproductive question. but still it runs laps through my head…

Upon Looking at One’s Childhood Home on Google Maps 

It’s been almost twenty-five years since I’ve been inside, but I remember it clearly (clear, like a photograph slightly yellow with age but infused with memories).

Final Notice

this is a poem about the
(Water Service has been scheduled for disconnection)
i found taped to my door this morning
and about the existential crises
inspired thereby

How I Will Remember This House

Last night while I was mowing the lawn barefoot by the last light of dusk, I found myself wondering how long I’d be here. Is this little rental on the north edge of Minneapolis a many-years home, or just a right-now home? I don’t know.

The Truth About Waking Up

I read your message last night, the one you sent a week or two ago. You told me about how my faith and hope are helping you hold on to faith and hope even when you want to give up. You…

Day 10: Learning from My Boys

Today I’m going to tell you four lessons I’m learning from my boys. They’re three and five, and in between legos and hot dogs and Netflix, they’re teaching me about what it means to be human. /// Always run toward people you…


The author of Ecclesiastes once said: “The end of a thing is better than its beginning.” I’m not sure that the author of Ecclesiastes had ever been divorced. If he had, perhaps he wouldn’t have been so quick to talk…

Why My Boys Wore Spiderman Costumes to Church Today

“Daddy, can I wear my Spiderman costume to church?”  It’s Sunday morning and I’m trying to drink my second cup of coffee and procrastinating on getting dressed. “Go find some clothes so I can get you dressed,” I’d told Keenan….

Does Jesus Heal Our Ouchies?

“Does Jesus heal our ouchies?” It’s one of those moments when abstract spirituality meets bruises and scraped knees, and my son wonders with the sort of innocent curiosity possessed only by a three-year-old. I hear myself answering him before I…