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some stuff i've written about Spirituality

I Accept

I so often forget that all of this is a journey. I resent the absence of a destination, of perfection. I wonder if I’m doing it right, if I’m doing enough.

The Civil War Wasn't Your Fault (and Other Things I Wish I'd Known)

“My system could have prevented the Civil War” is more than just laughable hubris. It carries the implicit suggestion that if we had only tried harder, done more, and followed the rules better, we could have prevented our own civil wars.

Confessions of the Older Brother

I’ll break every rule I so carefully kept all these years, and blow all I’ve saved on riotous living. Maybe by throwing away everything, I’ll finally find the love I’ve been trying to earn all along.

From the Other Side

I can still remember how empty those words felt a year ago, how little I believed what I was writing when I told myself I’d make it to the other side.

A Journey of Grief

I carry my grief with me wherever I go. I wish it didn’t take so long to move from the depths of our despair to a place where we can say life is good again. But it always does.

When Faith is a Clusterf*ck

Sometimes the chapters are all in the wrong order, and despair follows way too close on the heels of joy.

Letting Go

You do not have to write your own story. You do not have to believe all the right things. You do not have to be good. You only have to keep walking, and know that you have always been infinitely loved.

Do You Ever Miss It?

A few nights ago the following message popped up on my screen, from a friend who’s walked a few of the same paths I have. I read these words quickly, and found in them a voice that sounds unmistakably familiar….

I Will Be Afraid

“When I walk through the Valley of Shadows, I will not be afraid.” That’s what the Psalmist said, but me? I’m not that bold. I have a confession: When I walk through the Valley of Shadows, I will be afraid. …

A Prayer from the Valley

“He guides me along right paths,     bringing honor to his name. Even when I walk     through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid,     for you are close beside me.” – Psalm 23   but surely there must be some…