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The Church is Dying and I Am Glad

Some people say that the church is dying, and maybe they’re right.

They say that the church doesn’t have the political sway it used to, that the culture has shifted, that being a Christian doesn’t have the same social advantages that it used to.

They say that the bandwagon has stopped carrying us and started running us over. They say that our generation is abandoning the pews.

And I am glad.

If “church” is conservative politics, friends in high places, and legislated morality, let it die.

If “church” is cultural clout and social standing, let it die.

If “church” is full parking lots on Sunday mornings, let it die.

Put it in a hearse and drive it around town and then bury it in the ground. And I am glad.


Are we not people of resurrection?

Are we not followers of a man who is himself Resurrection and Life?

So let the church die, that Life himself may arrive at our tomb and make His voice heard. That we may walk out of the grave shedding the tired rags that keep us bound in death masquerading as life.

Let the church die, and die, and die again that we may rise again and again more alive than ever before.

The church is dying, and I am glad.

Without death, there can be no resurrection. Is this not the way of Jesus?

What are we, if not buried in baptism, raised to walk in newness of life?

What is the church, if not always dying and rising again?

And are we not people of resurrection?

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published November 6, 2013

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