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How to Make a Sacred Pilgrimage

// Step One: Brave

“We’re living a good story,” I told her as we tossed clothes and shoes into the open suitcase. “Donald Miller would be proud of us.”

She nodded.

It was 8:30 on Friday night, and the toddlers were already pajama’d and sleeping.  On any other weekend, we’d be watching Netflix – the Office or West Wing, probably. We’d be talking about how we really should start packing boxes, but procrastinating because we still have a few months until we move.

But on this weekend in early August, even though we’d been out there to visit only a month before, the end of the year felt too far away, too long to wait, and Netflix can’t fill that open hole throbbing lonely in our hearts.

We were ready to be in our new home, in that beautiful city on the East Coast, in the church that unexplicably feels like family. And so, on a whim, we were tossing our clothes into suitcases so that we could be there if only for a day or two. We were living a good story, unafraid.

It’s a story that started in the spring, when a whisper became an ache we couldn’t ignore. To sell our house (the one we just bought two years ago), to quit my job (the one where I’m doing what I love), to move across the country.  It’s a story that began when comfortable wasn’t enough anymore, and we were ready to trade it in for brave…

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published September 30, 2013

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