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How to Lose Your Faith

a workshop for doubters + heretics + unbelievers


when you are losing your faith you might feel confused and alone and afraid. people will try to help your unbelief, and their help will be an attempt to talk you into clinging to something that is killing your soul

this is the opposite of that.

in this two-hour workshop, i am going to provide space for you to let go of whatever belief is making you miserable. jesus / bible / god / whatever. you know the one. a lot of people have told you that if you don't believe [that thing] you won't be ok. you will. we will together.

format will be low-key experimental, conversational, and mediated by the technology of Zoom.

i am going to say things and ask questions and make time for you to say things and ask questions. participate at whatever level feels comfortable to you.

sunday, july 24. 7pm eastern / 6pm central/ 4pm pacific.

registration is $20.

if you pay with venmo, please email me so i can make sure you get the zoom link.

if finances are a barrier, i will hook u up.