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In the Vacuum

A few weeks ago I got a very kind e-mail inviting me to be part of the A Deeper Story crew. Having admired many of these wordsmiths from a distance, I was thrilled to join them. My inaugural post on Deeper Story is about a depressing Hemingway post (of course). I’ll let you see the first few lines here, but you’ll have to click over to A Deeper Story to read the rest:


“I live in a vacuum that is as lonely as a radio tube when the batteries are dead and there is no current to plug into.” -Ernest Hemingway

It’s been years now since I scrawled that quote on a page in an old journal, but I can still remember how it felt. Aching. Empty. Cold.

I’d found the quote in a church, printed on brightly colored paper, surrounded by words promising hope. Words promising that a relationship with Jesus would set me free from Hemingway’s vacuum. And instead of giving me hope, these words terrified me. Because I already had a relationship with Jesus, but still the nagging emptiness tortured my soul.

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published March 13, 2013

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