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Day 17: Living the Best Day of My Life


I announced this effusively over black coffee and fresh-squeezed orange juice at a cafe in Little Rock this morning.

Maybe I was just being dramatic. The first black coffee of the day tends to have the effect on me, especially with warm sunlight streaming through big windows onto a table circled with my dear friends from the Bedlam Family. Especially after a night of drinks and dancing behind me, and a day of adventures ahead of me.

Maybe I was just being dramatic. But I think maybe I was on to something.

(I rambled about this a little bit, to the friends at my corner of the long wooden table.)

You see, today is the only day that really exists. Yesterday, and the past year, and everything that’s come before today exists only in the world of memories. Tomorrow and the future and everything I hope for doesn’t exist yet either.

All that we have is today.

So maybe, after all, today is the best day of my life. And tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that — maybe they’ll be the best days of my life too.

(Although, it’s just a little bit easier to believe that today is today is the best day of my life on days like this.)


[ picture by Bri Copeland ]


[ picture by Cory Copeland ]

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published October 17, 2015

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