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stop worrying about your website.

Do you ever spend hours trying to find the solution for some technical issue, with nothing to show for it but a pounding headache and a strong urge to punt your computer through the nearest window?

Do you hesitate before you click on anything in your WordPress dashboard, worried that you’ll break your entire site?

Do you wish you could just focus on your writing, and let somebody else deal with all the technical frustrations?

I can help.


get peace of mind.

When I first started blogging, I spent countless hours trying to figure out WordPress and solve technical issues. Websites crashed by hackers, mailing lists that don’t work, text that doesn’t display right, images that look wrong on Facebook. I’ve dealt with it all. And I know exactly how frustrating it can be to hit one dead end after another, when all you want is a website that looks good and works right.

I want you to have the peace of mind to do your thing without worrying about the endless tech issues that are driving you crazy. With this maintenance package you can boldly venture into your WordPress dashboard, knowing that your site is safe and that I have your back for whatever tech issues you encounter.