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some stuff i've written about christmas

O Silent Infinite (a Prayer for Advent)

O Silent Infinite, being beyond being which transcends existence (or exists not at all except in our shared desire for You) Our hearts are filled with stories, myths, and songs that say once upon a time on a silent, holy…

Rend the Heavens (A Psalm for Advent)

This is my tired advent prayer. Fuck this shit indeed. Amen. Which, being translated, means: How long oh Lord?

Baby Jesus

They Won't Be Expecting That

At Christmas time, I’m struck by how unexpected it all is. We expect a god to be powerful, mighty, smiting his enemies, concerned with his own glory. We don’t expect God to be born in a stable — a crying,…

Tips to Avoid a Blue Christmas

6 Tips to Avoid a Blue Christmas

It’s the same every year. I’m sitting on a couch surrounded by shreds of wrapping paper and stacks of new shirts and socks from J.C. Penny. The Christmas tree is still lit, but it seems somehow less cheery without any…

Black Friday

On Black Friday

This is not the blog post I was going to write today. I was going to write a handful of words about consumerism and greed and the big bad Black Friday and how we need to get back to a…

Santa or God

The Unexpected God

What is the god like? (This is the question that has haunted us all along.) Does it laugh? Does it cry? Does it care about humanity? Does it have a name, a face, a personality? We all have a mental…