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some stuff i've written about coffee

Lightstock Love + Giveaway

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe they’re right. Around here, I’m used to writing a thousand words at a time but it never quite looks right until there’s a picture above it. I’ve been a…

Dancing Around the Edges

This is not what I want to write. I’ve been mucking about with another blog post for hours and I’ve written a thousand words so far and I’m pretty sure that I hate about nine hundred of them. Anne Lamott…

You Can Be Free

You Can Be Free

“Brothers and sisters, you can be free!” The words came fast and rushed up from inside my heart. I hurried to write them down, driving on the freeway scrawling nearly-unintelligible phrases on the nearest scraps of paper I could find….

Incoherent Mumbled Prayers

“God, give me grace for today.” I don’t remember if I said it aloud, or just felt it trudge through my mind as a tired prayer. In that moment between looking at the clock on my phone and willing my…