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some stuff i've written about depression

To the Christian Contemplating Suicide (The Letter I Wish I’d Found)

There is space in the big wide world for every piece of you. You deserve the space you take up in this world. Please stay.

day 19: enough to be simply here

I don’t have to be happy every day. Some days it is enough to be simply here.

When Blogging Isn't Fun and Nothing Else Is Either

Yesterday at 3:17 p.m. I typed into Google “I don’t feel joy.” I had no reason to be unhappy, and yet…

Day 23: Choosing Happiness

So we’re twenty three days into this project of becoming human, and I guess I want to say that today I’m happy. That’s all. But you know it’s been a long road to get here. I was thinking about that,…

What I Wish the Church Knew About My Mental Health

Today’s guest post is from Jade Miller. She has written about her experiences with church, faith, and recovery in “Pieces of Me: A Collision of Art, Poetry, Essays, Faith, and Mental Health.” I’m grateful for her story.  Content Warning: Emotional/Spiritual Abuse, Suicidal…