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some stuff i've written about fitness

Day 05: Taking Care of My Body

It’s mid-afternoon, and I just finished “Morning Yoga to Start Your Day.” Some days start harder than others. Especially Mondays. Some days you wake up and shower and get dressed and go downtown for breakfast and then when you come…


The Worst Juice Cleanse Ever

Last Thursday I skipped breakfast and had pizza for lunch. I had pizza for supper too, if those stale circles of hard dough anemically sprinkled with cheese and sold shrink-wrapped and frozen can be called “pizza”. I wish I could…

Fitness: In the Gym

The Worst Work-Out Plan Ever

Five days a week, I roll out of bed and stumble into the gym half-asleep. I don’t warm up before lifting. I don’t drink water whilst in the gym; I drink coffee. I don’t track my progress from week to…