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some stuff i've written about food

day 5: daaaaaamn I gotta write some shit

what’s point of being holy if you’re not going to be happy while you’re at it? Also, why would god make butterflies and puppies and sunrises and nachos if (s)he didn’t care about our happiness?

Day 09: Cooking Good Food

I just got done scraping the last few bits of a delicious supper off my plate. My stomach is about to die of happiness, but hopefully I’ll get this blog post done first. Here’s what I made: I started with…

Day 05: Taking Care of My Body

It’s mid-afternoon, and I just finished “Morning Yoga to Start Your Day.” Some days start harder than others. Especially Mondays. Some days you wake up and shower and get dressed and go downtown for breakfast and then when you come…

The Guest

It was after closing time when the guest walked in. I was cleaning up the dining room, resetting the tables, wiping down the line, emptying the trash cans. The kitchen was already cleaned, the grill turned off for the night….


The Worst Juice Cleanse Ever

Last Thursday I skipped breakfast and had pizza for lunch. I had pizza for supper too, if those stale circles of hard dough anemically sprinkled with cheese and sold shrink-wrapped and frozen can be called “pizza”. I wish I could…