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some stuff i've written about happiness

Do This Instead

This is mostly written to myself, as a reminder that the things I usually do are not the things that make me happy. I’m trying to change that.

day 5: daaaaaamn I gotta write some shit

what’s point of being holy if you’re not going to be happy while you’re at it? Also, why would god make butterflies and puppies and sunrises and nachos if (s)he didn’t care about our happiness?

Day 23: Choosing Happiness

So we’re twenty three days into this project of becoming human, and I guess I want to say that today I’m happy. That’s all. But you know it’s been a long road to get here. I was thinking about that,…


The Happy Ending

Justin Robinson is a friend, a filmmaker, and an all-around cool guy. He’s one of the most ambitious and hard-working gentlemen I know on both ends of the camera, plus he does stunts and loves Jesus. I really appreciate what…

Yard Sale

Everything Must Go

They say that money can’t buy happiness, but that doesn’t keep me from trying. So I went to college and graduated and got a job where they give me dollars and then I exchanged all those dollars for stuff and…