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some stuff i've written about jonathan martin


Safely To Arrive At Home

“Here I raise my Ebenezer,┬áHere by Thy great help I come And I hope by Thy good pleasure┬ásafely to arrive at home.” I can’t think of any better words to begin this story. This morning I was thinking about that…


If the World Wants a Sign

We talk about stories a lot around here, especially the redemption stories God is writing in our lives. If you follow Pastor Jonathan Martin on Twitter, you know he has a tendency to preach spontaneous sermons 140 characters at a…

House of Cards

The Day I Stopped Believing in God

By then, I was already having doubts. Sitting across the table from new friends who didn’t see any reason to believe in God, I had tried to explain to them why I did and why it mattered. But this was…

Prototype. by Jonathan Martin.

Prototype (An Illustrated Review)

“I believe that somewhere, somehow, you’ve heard the music. Distant or close, you’ve heard the song of your belovedness. It’s a song of unrestrained joy, a song of hope and belonging. A song that calls you into the future. Can…