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some stuff i've written about movies

It's Not Your Fault

You see this, all this shit? It’s not your fault. I know… No you don’t. It’s not your fault. I know. No. Listen to me son. It’s not your fault. I know that. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault….

3 Christian News Stories You Won't Believe Are Real

I never planned to write about these sorts of things. But then, I never expected to see a collection of such remarkably bizarre news stories all in one week. (We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday. Or Tuesday. Whatever.)…

I Don't Know If I'm a Christian Anymore

I thought I had writer’s block. I thought the words had left me a week or two ago. Every time I tried to write, my mind seemed like an empty room. I was wrong. I wasn’t out of words. Only…


The Happy Ending

Justin Robinson is a friend, a filmmaker, and an all-around cool guy. He’s one of the most ambitious and hard-working gentlemen I know on both ends of the camera, plus he does stunts and loves Jesus. I really appreciate what…