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some stuff i've written about music

7 Simple Ways to Love Yourself Today

To be wholehearted is a radically subversive act. Begin here. Be gentle. Be patient with yourself. And don’t give up.

Day 12: Listening to Taylor Swift

I was listening to Taylor Swift before breakfast, as you do on Monday mornings. Today I found myself thinking about why. Why do so many of us Millennials find ourselves hooked on her music, singing along every time we’re in…

Pin-Up Church

Centerfold Church

Sometimes you forget you are a Bride. On Sunday mornings you trade your wedding gown for the perfect skin of a magazine model. Produced, choreographed, airbrushed, packaged, sold for consumption. The countdown timer signals the bass drop and with a…

I Don't Want to Be a Christian Anymore

I Don't Want to Be a Christian Anymore

“I think I don’t want to be a ‘Christian’ anymore. Because in the middle of trying to think, talk, and act like a Christian it’s easy to forget to love God and be loved by Him.” – from my journal…