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some stuff i've written about photography

Ghosts in the City

I used to be a photographer. Then somewhere along the way I stuck my camera in an old backpack and let it gather dust for a few years.¬† But a snowy night in March seemed like the right time to…

Smartphones and Dumb People

Look up. They say we are a generation of smartphones and dumb people. Wasting our days on empty social media. Trading real life for an artificial world. Missing life because we’re looking down. So let’s return to a quieter time….

Here's to the Children

“Love saves people.” (My three-year-old son says more in three words than I can in a thousand, and it’s the Gospel.) “Love saves people,” he told¬†Mommy as he rubbed her head, and he was trying to save her with all…

3 Reasons Why I Love Lightstock

When I’m not writing about church/culture/politics/sex-robots, occasionally I’m going to be blogging about blogging around here. I love writing, but I also really enjoy all the related web/social/design/networking that make up this whole crazy mess. So I guess this is…