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some stuff i've written about prayer

O Silent Infinite (a Prayer for Advent)

O Silent Infinite, being beyond being which transcends existence (or exists not at all except in our shared desire for You) Our hearts are filled with stories, myths, and songs that say once upon a time on a silent, holy…

A Tattoo and a Prayer

It seemed like a good time to carve these words onto my chest. I have a feeling I’ll need them close by in the days ahead.

Maybe I Don't Love the Church Anymore

I still long for SOMETHING to be the Kingdom of God here on earth, but I’m tired of hoping that any sort of thing labeled “Church” will actually be that thing.

Trying To Feel God

I’ve spent most of my life trying to feel God. Perhaps all along She was as close as my own skin.

When We Hit the Wall

Three hundred drivers spun out and crunched against walls and guardrails and schoolbusses and semi trucks today, a frozen flash mob symphony of crushed plastic and bent steel.

When Faith is a Clusterf*ck

Sometimes the chapters are all in the wrong order, and despair follows way too close on the heels of joy.

Day 21: Walking with God

I used to think of God as always either calling or sending. But those ideas — calling or sending — suggest that god is somewhere other than right beside me I now think of god who as one who walks along with me,…

Day 07: Playing with Legos

I’m sitting on the floor in the boys’ bedroom next to an ocean of Legos. The three-year-old is building a monster truck, or at least an abstract impression of a monster truck. Every few minutes he lets out a roar…

I Will Be Afraid

“When I walk through the Valley of Shadows, I will not be afraid.” That’s what the Psalmist said, but me? I’m not that bold. I have a confession: When I walk through the Valley of Shadows, I will be afraid. …

A Prayer from the Valley

“He guides me along right paths,     bringing honor to his name. Even when I walk     through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid,     for you are close beside me.” – Psalm 23   but surely there must be some…