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some stuff i've written about When We Were on Fire

Addie Zierman

A Conversation with Addie Zierman about 'When We Were on Fire'

I’ve never met Addie Zierman. The world is a big place with lots of wonderful people in it, so it’s not particularly remarkable that I haven’t met everyone in person. But it is a little funny, I think, that Addie…

A Hundred Small Perfect Steps

“He watched with rapt attention while some teacher in Texas stood in front of a podium and broke faith into a hundred little steps. Kneel on your floor at the beginning of the day and pray. Do not move until…

When We Were On Fire

When We Were on Fire (A Review)

“We were homesick for something we could not name, but we were slipping. The structure of the evangelical church service was not big enough to accommodate the deep questions of our hearts.” It’s been a week now since I read…