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some stuff i've written about words

Things Christians Should Stop Saying

Christians love to make lists of things that Christians need to stop saying. RELEVANT listed¬†“20 Christianese Phrases We Really Need to Stop Saying”. Huffington Post had “6 Things Christians Should Just Stop Saying”. Jayson D. Bradley wrote “3 Phrases Christians…

Dancing Around the Edges

This is not what I want to write. I’ve been mucking about with another blog post for hours and I’ve written a thousand words so far and I’m pretty sure that I hate about nine hundred of them. Anne Lamott…

President Bartlet West Wing Screencap

What The West Wing Taught Me About Writing

I sit here writing words onto the internet and the only face I see is my own reflected in the screen. Sometimes this is a scary hobby. Sometimes I meet people in real life who have read my words and…

An Anthology of Madness

An Anthology of Madness (A Review)

“Grace is the most magnificent force on the planet, and it is not to be reckoned with. It is intangible, yet smothering. It is the only thing which must first drown us before it can rescue us.” Max is not…

Laptop for Blog

New Wineskins

I first started blogging almost a decade ago, when I was fresh out of high school and Xanga was cool. There were a lot of pictures and song lyrics back then, because it was 2004 and that’s what one did….

If My Voice Is Heard At All

If my voice is heard at all,¬†let it be heard whispering hope to those longing to hear. Let it be heard by those who have been sold lies disguised as truth. Let it be heard by those broken hearts who…