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Working with Micah was both a blessing and a breeze! He was incredibly gracious and responsive in answering my many questions throughout the process, and I felt he grasped my vision from the start and made it reality. If you’re looking for someone with technical expertise who also gets aesthetic, he’s your guy. I feel proud of my site and am ready to share my writing with the world, thanks to him.

– Natalie Yerger,


First of all I want to say THANK YOU so much for making this process fun, thoughtful, and easy! I have been dragging my feet on redoing my website for a little over a year, because I thought it was going to be a long drawn out process still not getting what I was envisioning in my mind… but you have done it!  

– Dana Robinson,


After nearly a dozen years of blogging, you can understand why this feels like an HGTV-worthy renovation for me. It’s so pretty! And streamlined and user-friendly, easier to get around and share, bright and modern and filled with fresh air. The designer who is working the magic is the brilliant and long-suffering Micah J. MurrayMicah‘s a pal of mine but he’s also one of the most accessible and helpful resources I could recommend. Cut to the scene where I’m standing in the middle of the room crying like a fool, saying “I can’t believe I get to live here!”

– Sarah Bessey,


I’m so in love with this website. Micah is a genius. I was basically like, “I don’t really know what I want this to look like and that’s part of the problem,” and he’s all, “Don’t worry; I got this,” and BAM! Magic.  

– Alissa McGowan,


Micah gave my blog so much more than a facelift. He transformed it into a well-organized website that is easy to navigate and completely mobile friendly.  I’m thrilled with the updated layout and the bells and whistles that came with my new design.

– Heidi Gollub,


Working with Micah has been one of the best business decisions I have made as a new author. He created the most beautiful website for my readers to call home and has continued to serve as an excellent resource when I need professional help. I highly recommend him to anyone needing help with their online space.

– Cathy Harris,


I am a writer and coding makes me cry but somehow I accidentally started a blog three years ago. I kept limping along in my blog home because I was afraid to touch things for fear it would crumble or delete everything somehow. I wasn’t exactly proud of it but I kept writing. It felt like having guests over to a messy house that had nothing on the walls and hand-me-down college furniture and I was a little embarrassed. When it started affecting how I felt about putting myself out there to readers, I knew it was time to do something different.

There are many designers and many opinions and I wasn’t sure how deeply I was supposed to invest in my writing. I came across Micah and after checking him out, determined he seemed like a cool, down-to-earth human, smart on the tech and design side of things. I sent him an email and it said, ‘But can you make my site magical?’ He emailed back, ‘Yep.’ And I knew my intuition was correct. Also? He made my site magical.

I cannot say enough about how easy it felt to collaborate with Micah. It was like designing a house where he did the hard foundational work and I got to work with fun, frilly details. Originally (out of sheer frustration) I was prepared to throw mad money at him to fix all of my problems. On the first day of the makeover, Micah let me know that my site would be easier to fix than I thought and gave me a better deal than I had signed up for.

Emails, directions, and communication have been seamless and every question answered . With a new blog to play with and get to know, I feel equipped and supported to make it work for me. I finally feel excited about my new blog space and inviting readers in. Tech savvy, design-forward, and honest (and also funny)…Micah is who I will run to any time I need a blog thing. 

– Melissa Blair,


Micah is awesome to work with–thoughtful, patient, creative, responsive. Though I had a hard time articulating exactly what I wanted, he deftly channeled my malformed gobbledygook into a site that reflects my hopes and intentions. 

– Jeff Chu,


For years I had the crappiest website on the Interweb. But Micah has transformed it into a work of art. He is a genius and a brilliant writer besides. He is innovative, accessible, and infinitely patient. One of the first comments I received on my new site: “It’s sleek and simple and elegant. Everything you want in a website!” And Micah is everything you want in a web designer.

– Amy Hollingsworth,