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The Worst Work-Out Plan Ever

Five days a week, I roll out of bed and stumble into the gym half-asleep.
I don’t warm up before lifting.
I don’t drink water whilst in the gym; I drink coffee.
I don’t track my progress from week to week.
I never do legs, core, or cardio work.
My only diet strategy is “eat as much protein as possible”.

I have the worst work-out plan ever. 

But it’s working for me. You know why?
Because I show up.
I’m there, five days a week.
And I have a buddy who’s there every day too.
If I don’t push myself, he will.
I lift a little more every week than the week before.

And I’m getting the results I want. 

Don’t do what I’m doing. Everyone has different goals; mine is to fill out a medium t-shirt. My workout plan is working for me, but it probably won’t work for you. And it probably won’t be the right plan for me a year from now.

You know what will work for you? Showing up. 

There are a lot of fitness tips and hints and plans out there. Some of them work, some of them don’t. What does work is making fitness part of your life. Forming a work-out rhythm that becomes a habit. Eating what you need to eat. Don’t wait until you have the perfect plan. Just start.

Because even the worst work-out plan ever is better than a perfect plan that never turns into action.

published October 8, 2012

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