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Voting for Himself

We are on the brink of moral implosion.

America has plunged head-first onto the slippery slope of sin and now we are hurtling toward an inevitable chasm of absolute moral chaos. What would have never been acceptable a few generations ago is now prime-time entertainment. Kids these days live lawless lifestyles of perpetual cyber-sexing and drug-partying. Saying “Merry Christmas” will get you expelled from society.  Our country’s moral compass is more skewed than it’s ever been, and if things don’t miraculously turn around soon we’ll fall like Rome.

This is the narrative I’ve heard most of my life from various religious people. Fortunately, it’s not true.

While the moral fabric of our society has shifted from generation to generation, it’s not all been a dark plunge into a mire of sin. Take this, for example. Here’s a picture President Obama tweeted today. He’s voting, presumably for himself (though it would be hilarious if he had a sudden self-confidence crisis and punched the ol’ chad for Mr. Romney instead).

This image represents a positive moral shift in our country.

Not too long ago, Mr. Obama would not have been allowed to vote – prevented by law, fear, or systemic prejudice. Today, not only is he allowed to vote, but he’s allowed to vote for himself. I hear quite a few people look wistfully back to the 1950’s as the good ol’ days of American morality, before the gays and atheists and evolutionists and secular humanists took over our country. But in the 1950’s, a large swath of American society (including many religious people) would have kept Mr. Obama out of the polling places (as well as busses, cafes, colleges, and churches.)

This is positive moral change.

The fabric of society is constantly changing, as each generation learns and grows and finds its place in the world. We’ve come a long way since Martin Luther King Jr., and we still have a long way to go. But on many issues, we’re moving in the right direction. While there are some things we’ve lost, we’ve gained a lot too. There’s a lot of hope in this generation.

Maybe, our best days are still ahead.

published October 25, 2012

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