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Walk With Us?

Next month, we are going to take our two small boys and join thousands of others for AIDS Walk Charlotte 2014.

For decades, many who suffered from AIDS were told “You deserve this. You brought this on yourselves. This is God’s punishment on you.” We’re walking to say with our feet what we believe in our hearts:

No matter who you are, you matter. Your life matters. You are seen. You are loved. 

More specifically, we’re walking for Kenny. He was there in San Francisco in the 80’s. He watched as the epidemic claimed all those around him. He escaped, but barely. Today, he carries the virus in his blood. In the past year, he’s grown to be a dear friend to our family, and a beautiful picture of the love of Jesus. Learning his story is what has moved us to action. This is what he has told me:

My deepest wish is that people understand what this is and was. Trying to build a bridge to those around their 40’s and 50’s who hate Christianity (specifically). I so, so badly want them to know another side. I want there to be a bridge and beginning of forgiveness. That has to come from your generation. You guys are driving the change, and you have the power to heal forgotten hearts that were hardened long ago. So yeah, it gives me a lot of hope.

We’re walking for hope. We’re walking for anyone who has felt the touch of AIDS, in their own body or in their family. We want to be the feet of Jesus. Will you join us?

Our goal is to raise $2000 between the two of us in the next few weeks. That’s a pretty ambitious target, but I believe in this. All funds raised will go towards compassionate care, education and leadership development through Carolina RAIN.  You can donate right now through the AIDS Walk Charlotte website:

Sponsor Sarah. // Sponsor Micah. 

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published April 24, 2014

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