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website design.

I make websites simple, beautiful, and fun.

Ever since I first laid eyes on the internet many years ago, I knew I wanted to contribute something amazing to the world wide web.

I started as a blogger, building my website just for fun, learning on the go. Then my friends started asking me to make their websites a bit shinier. Since then, I've had the incredible privilege of building websites for many wonderful people whose work I admire. In just the past two or three years, I've designed + launched nearly 100 sites for authors, artists, and entrepreneurs.

If you're making something amazing (words, pictures, widgets, whatever) and would like to hire me for your website project, I want to hear about it! Unfortunately, I am only able to take on a very small number of new clients each year, but if you'd like me to consider your project just scroll down and fill out the form below.


"I didn’t even know where to start and he asked all the right questions until we ended up with this beauty. You can be the hottest mess, and Micah can fix your site. If you need a website renovation or any sort of online coaching, he is your man."

- Jen Hatmaker


how does it work?

You'll scroll down and tell me a bit about yourself and your project. If it seems like a good match, I'll set up a phone call where we can talk about your hopes and dreams. Next, we'll get your website project on the calendar and also deal with a few formalities -- contracts, deposits, etc. Then you'll send me photos, links, and content. After that, you get to relax and drink wine and wait for me to send you a mockup of your new design. Once you look at it and say "Wow", I'll start building things while you continue to relax and drink wine. Occasionally I'll email you and ask for a bit of additional content or feedback or clarification. Pretty soon, you'll have a beautiful new site that you love. I'll hit the switch to send it out into the world, you'll post a link to it on your Facebook page, and all your friends will say "That's a gorgeous new site. I love it and I love you!"

how much will it cost?

To keep things simple, I offer full-service site designs for a flat rate of $3000. This includes migration of existing content, custom graphic creation, site design and building, mailing list integration, and answers to your questions along the way. I offer comprehensive hosting services for $20/month, and optional ongoing support and maintenance for $79/month. Wine is up to you.

how long will it take?

To keep creative momentum in tact and prevent project sprawl, I plan a month for each site design. If you get me all your content before we start and answer emails once we're rolling, I'll do my part to get us up and running promptly. In order to give each project the attention it deserves, I only take on a one or two projects at a time. I'm currently booking design projects about two or three months out.

get started

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