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Weekend Links (Vol. 1)

There are a lot of good things on the internet.

There are a lot of strange and terrible things too, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about the good things.

I want to share some good things with you that I saw this week on the internet:

Christian Women: Feminism IS Your Friend, Actually 

by Samantha Field

This is why the church needs feminism– because the last two thousand years of church teachings have been riddled by misogyny and sexism. Many of St. Augustine’s writings form the basis for long-held Christian orthodoxy, and he declared that half of the people on this earth do not bear the imago dei. Martin Luther, whose teachings formed the basis for Protestantism and evangelicalism, said that it’s better for women to die in childbirth than to live a long life. Christian feminism seeks to overcome these failings in our theological systems, to breathe fresh life into these doctrines so that they more truly represent what Christ did and taught.

Water to Wine (Some of My Story)

by Brian Zahnd

But I had become increasingly dissatisfied. I was weary of the tired clichés of bumper-sticker evangelicalism. I was disenchanted by a paper-thin Christianity propped up by cheap certitude. The politicized faith of the Religious Right was driving me crazy. I was yearning for something deeper, richer, fuller. Let me say it this way —I was in Cana and the wine had run out.I needed Jesus to perform a miracle.

Grace and Sex

by Aaron Smith

Grace is not simply the means by which God accepts the dirty ol’ bastards we are. Grace is the entirety of our salvation through faith. It’s by grace we are adopted by God. By grace we are perfected by God. It is by grace alone we are saved by God. Not by anything we can, could, or would do, so no one can boast in some superior spirituality or spiritual discipline. Grace through and through, from start to finish.

A Letter from Pastor

by Jonathan Martin

Pentecostalism, rightly understood, is a critique of/radical alternative to evangelicalism, not a subset of it.  Pentecostals who act like fundamentalists while simply adding speaking in tongues don’t understand their own tradition.  Pentecostalism, at its core, is misfit religion; it is spirituality on the wrong side of the railroad tracks.  When people who can’t find any other place to belong elsewhere come together and share a combustible experience of the Spirit, Pentecost happens.

Real Christians™

by David Schell

For some Christians, the primary reason people are on earth after they become Christians is to help other people become Christians… When all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. And when all you exist for is evangelism, everybody else starts looking apostate.

5 Starting Points for Churches & Pastors for Loving LGBT People

by Stephen Lovegrove

We are people who want to belong, not an issue to be dealt with. You are not simply discussing a controversy in the world of politics, theology, science, or psychology. You are talking about real people every time you have a conversation about sexual orientation or gender identity. We have stories and dreams and fears and ideas, and they matter. Please don’t turn our lives into an issue to be debated and fought over.

God Has a Body

by Emily Maynard

God had a body, but it wasn’t a body like mine. It wasn’t a body with breasts that grew, with hips that expanded, with a uterus that bled regularly, with cramps that made him throw up every month. It wasn’t a body that was warned against, and called a stumbling block.

I also want to show you the brand new look over at A Deeper Story. Nish Weiseth has been working tirelessly for a long time now to overhaul this place, and the results are stunning. I’m so happy to be part of the Deeper Story crew, and look forward to lots of good things coming out of there in the future.

A Deeper Story

published April 26, 2014

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