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Weekend Links (Vol. 4)

There were a lot of good words on the internet this week. I’ve gathered a few of them here for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

16 Reasons Why I’m Asking Anne Lamott For an Endorsement
by Esther Emery

I want this. I want to do my part to make a world like this: where we choose ourselves, without un-choosing each other. We choose ourselves, because we’re choosing our art, and we’re choosing to take risks. We’re choosing to be seen.

An Apology to Donald Miller
by Jonathan Storment

Church is a place where we go to feel appropriately small, not to reinforce the way things are everywhere else.  And if Miller’s experience with Church is one where he is viewed as a means to someone else’s ends, can we really even call it church?

The Religious Right: Gays, AIDS, and the Church
by Caris Adel

I’m angry that Christians spent so much money and time on things that ultimately killed people.  I am angry that they did not care about gay people.  I am angry that they refused to talk about condoms.  I am angry that a Jesus who was known for loving the unloved was invisible to a large portion of the world.

The Origins of “Privilege”

by Joshua Rothman

All the men who attended the seminars were very nice men—also quite brave men, because they’d catch flak on their campuses for going to a women’s college to do a feminist seminar. And I found myself going back and forth in my mind over the question, Are these nice men, or are they oppressive? I thought I had to choose. It hadn’t occurred to me that you could be both.

Dear John (An Open Letter to John Calvin)
by Zack Hunt

To be blunt, as a Christian, I don’t recognize your God and I have no clue what the good news is in the Institutes. That some people are saved no matter what? I guess that’s good for them. But you’re clear that God also creates people for eternal damnation.

“I Don’t Like Black People”

by Grace Biskie

“Rhysie,” I say, “Neither you or Mama are only white.  God made us black too.  In fact, your Grandpa Green was black but you never met him because he died before you were born.”

“Grandpa Green wasn’t green?”

I explain his last name was a color not a skin tone but give up when I see him fading out spying bugs on the sidewalk.

Six Heretics Who Should by Banned from Evangelicalism

by Tyler Standley

By the standards of these gatekeepers, the definition of “evangelical” is becoming increasingly narrow, so much so that very few fit inside the definition. So, if we are going to be consistent, it’s time to weed out all of the heretics—especially those who have the most influence—not just Rob Bell, Rachel Held Evans or World Vision.

published May 17, 2014

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