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the clumsy bloggers' workshop


take your blog from sad to awesome in just eight weeks!

You’re staring at your computer screen right now, wondering what to do next.

A thousand words are raging in your chest, and a thousand ideas inside your head. You’re about to go microwave your coffee for the second time.

I see you, clumsy blogger. I’m a clumsy blogger too.

For the past few years, I’ve been sitting here with you staring at my screen. Learning on the fly. Making mistakes. Building something from nothing but the words in my chest and the pixels on a screen and hours spent mucking about the internet.

I want to tell you everything I’ve learned.

So I’ve written an ecourse just for you – as if I’m sitting across from you in a coffee shop talking about something we are both passionate about.

By the end of this eight-week course you’ll be equipped with all the information and resources you need to start a blog, fill it with quality content, and share your words with the world. Plus, be part of an online community of clumsy bloggers just like you!