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anyhow, here are my latest blog posts:

Toby (a Love Story)

“Don’t you think that dog is beautiful?” she asks, showing me a picture of a pit bull on the animal adoption website for the hundredth time. She sees something in them that I just can’t quite find, and believes with...

Maybe it’s time to pivot, motherf*cker.

I’ve been writing this one in my head for just over a year now. But I wanted to get the colors just right before I showed you. It was a year ago — late winter, when the snow is just...

Goodbye Mr. Trump

Today Donald Trump is evicted. Not from the White House (unfortunately), but from my brainspace. He's already taken up much more room than he deserves. 

What the Babylon Bee Gets Right About the Bible

''The Bible is clearly a product of the conservative Christian machine. Jesus is not pleased.''

A Christian Response to the Nashville Statement

Today a group of people who claim the name of Jesus released a statement condemning our LGBT brothers and sisters. This is my response.

Never Again

I used to think the candle I lit that day in the Holocaust Museum meant something. Never again.

11 Things I Learned on #Whole30

So I thought, 'F*ck it, may as well do the Whole30'. And that's how I embarked on this life-changing quest.

God is Not an Asshole (and Other Things I Wish My Pastor Told Me)

We all wonder the same things: Is there a god? What is god like? And most of the time, we're left wrestling with those questions alone.

How Beer Can Help Us Love Each Other and Save the World

Today I saw a Heineken ad about drinking beer with people who you'd probably hate on Facebook. I think that they might be on to something.


I saw an article the other day about how loneliness is as bad for you as cigarettes or something. I don't smoke much these days, but I'm terribly lonely -- and have been for years.