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Red Letter Revolution: Shane Claiborne & Tony Campolo

Red Letter Revolution ( A Review )

You might not want to read this book. It will make you angry. It will make you shake your head in disagreement. And it will probably make you realize that there are some things about your life that you need…

Fitness: In the Gym

The Worst Work-Out Plan Ever

Five days a week, I roll out of bed and stumble into the gym half-asleep. I don’t warm up before lifting. I don’t drink water whilst in the gym; I drink coffee. I don’t track my progress from week to…

A Faith of Our Own

A Faith of Our Own (A Review)

Probably the most common metaphor used in conversations about generations and culture is the dreaded pendulum. “Beware of the pendulum effect!” some wise person will invariable interject into the conversation. “Because your parents were too strict, you’ll be tempted to…

Jesus for President

Jesus is My Candidate?

We’re almost there. November is coming, and with it Election Day. Then maybe all this will subside. Right now you can’t go anywhere – in real life or on the internet – without being bombarded by politics. It’s the worst…

Jason Burkey

Five Questions with Jason Burkey

I met Jason a few years ago on the film set of “For the Glory.” He was the main movie star and I was the guy who stands next to the guy who runs the camera. Later on I saw…

Incoherent Mumbled Prayers

“God, give me grace for today.” I don’t remember if I said it aloud, or just felt it trudge through my mind as a tired prayer. In that moment between looking at the clock on my phone and willing my…

The Prodigal Father

You know the story. There was a son who got tired of living on the family farm and decided to chase the big city lights. After a whirlwind summer, he stumbled home broke and broken, too ashamed to look his…

In the Beginning God

In the beginning, God. Really, this is the perfect way to start. It’s easy to get caught up in all the details of the Bible and forget how it begins. Not as a theological dissertation. Not as a scientific revelation….

Five Questions with Nick Ahern

This is the first in a new series called “Five Questions”. I’ll be irreverently interviewing a few people whom I find interesting¬†and sharing the results with you. Enjoy. I blame Kevin Miller of impending “Hellbound?” fame for first introducing me…

The Myth of Closure

Eleven years ago, Timothy McVeigh was executed by lethal injection. They say that as he took his last breath, he stared open-eyed and unremorseful into the closed circuit camera capturing his final moments. Six hundred miles away, the families of…