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from the blog:

  • Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Please

    Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Please

    Our father who art in Heaven, please be on Earth as it is up there because I can’t do this on my own. Help? The words trip and fall off my tongue sincerely, but without eloquence. Fitting, I suppose. I’ve been tripping and falling through life without much eloquence lately. …Read More »
  • Why I Am an Artist

    Why I Am an Artist

    Today’s guest post comes from my friend Christina Dizon. I had the privilege of working with Christina on her new website a few months ago, and it turned out to be one of my favorite projects so far. I love Christina’s eye for beauty and her passion for encouraging other artists. I think you will …Read More »
  • Why I Hate the Bible

    Why I Hate the Bible

    I hate the Bible. These words shock me as I form them on my lips, form them with my fingers. They are harsh, ugly. My own mind rebels against this unwelcome sentiment. I try to swallow it. I cannot. You are horrified too. Arguments tumble up and spill out almost instantly …Read More »
  • Why I Love Blackjack

    Why I Love Blackjack

    I lost a hundred dollars in Vegas last month. “I have no interest in gambling,” I’d said. “But I’ll play a few hands just for the experience.” Riding shotgun across the Utah desert bound for Sin City, I Googled “how to play blackjack in vegas”. “I’ll only spend fifty dollars, max,” …Read More »