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from the blog:

  • Day 12: Listening to Taylor Swift

    Day 12: Listening to Taylor Swift

    I was listening to Taylor Swift before breakfast, as you do on Monday mornings. Today I found myself thinking about why. Why do so many of us Millennials find ourselves hooked on her music, singing along every time we’re in the car? /// “Everything was simpler ten years ago,” I …Read More »
  • Day 11: Embracing the Seasons

    Day 11: Embracing the Seasons

    I’m scared to death of winter. Winter in Minnesota is hard — anybody who lives here will tell you that. Six months from the first snow to the last, face-numbing cold, day after day after day of grey skies. Winter is hard, but the summers make up for it. It’s …Read More »
  • Day 10: Learning from My Boys

    Day 10: Learning from My Boys

    Today I’m going to tell you four lessons I’m learning from my boys. They’re three and five, and in between legos and hot dogs and Netflix, they’re teaching me about what it means to be human. /// Always run toward people you love. For these boys, life is always the third act …Read More »
  • Day 09: Cooking Good Food

    Day 09: Cooking Good Food

    I just got done scraping the last few bits of a delicious supper off my plate. My stomach is about to die of happiness, but hopefully I’ll get this blog post done first. Here’s what I made: I started with brussels sprouts, set in a pot to steam. While they …Read More »
  • Day 08: Learning Poetry

    Day 08: Learning Poetry

    Today is National Poetry day, so I want to share one of my favorites with you. I first heard it from my friend Stephen, during our cross-country road trip at the start of this year. Somewhere in the Utah desert, probably. Though the winter, I had bits and pieces of this poem …Read More »