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    There might be a few changes around here.





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from the blog:

  • How to Make Links Look Good on Facebook

    How to Make Links Look Good on Facebook

    I love blogging. The writing, the community, the technical ins and outs, the hours of frustration whilst mucking about with CSS and whatnot. Today we interrupt our usual stream of millennial angst to talk about a very practical part of blogging. Regular programming will resume next week or whatever. So you wrote a …Read More »
  • Turning the Page

    Turning the Page

    People often ask me where the name “Redemption Pictures” came from. It started when I was in college, making short films and dreaming big dreams about big screens and Hollywood. “Redemption Pictures” was the name I gave to those little movies. When I started the blog without much thought a few …Read More »
  • For They Shall See God

    For They Shall See God

    Blessed are the pure in heart (for they shall see God). And I always thought that to be pure in heart meant to have successfully wrangled my sinful impulses — stuffed my fleshly desires into cages like so many squawking, unruly chickens. To be pure in heart meant to follow all …Read More »
  • After Three Beers

    After Three Beers

    I want to be the person that I am after three beers. After three beers, I am unafraid. I dance without thinking about how I look, without trying to remember what my feet should be doing. After three beers, I don’t give a fuck what you think about me. I …Read More »