• Until You Bless Me

    But all along, it was Me chasing you, saying, “I won’t let you leave until I’ve blessed you.”





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    We’re Going to Have a Problem

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  • Until You Bless Me

    Until You Bless Me

    “Do y’all do blessings and shit?” I asked it shyly, unsure of the proper etiquette (even though the sign in front of the white tent advertised all manner of blessings available). I hoped the casual and shit would mask how badly I wanted to be blessed, how I’d felt my heart …Read More »
  • Believe With All Your Heart, Mind, and Strength

    Believe With All Your Heart, Mind, and Strength

    This is a guest post from Rev. Jennifer Crumpton, author of the new devotional book Femmevangelical: The Modern Girl’s Guide to the Good News. I’ll let her introduce herself: I am a progressive, liberal Christian minister in New York City who was raised a fundamentalist evangelical Southern Baptist in Birmingham, AL. …Read More »
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    Should I Rethink My Theology? (a Flowchart)

    Next time you’re talking about God, stop and listen to the words coming out of your mouth. Does the person you’re describing sound like an asshole? If so, consider it an invitation to rethink your theology. I know how scary that can be, like being lost at sea without a …Read More »