this is me.


I love words, people, and Jesus.
I write angsty post-evangelical shit.
I make kick-ass websites for authors, artists, and entrepreneurs.

At least, that’s the neat and tidy summary for my website. The reality is a bit more dicey.

A lot of days, I wonder if I still love Jesus. Sometimes that’s about me and sometimes that’s about him and always it’s about the clusterfuck of baggage most of us carry from humanity’s clumsy / godawful attempts at organized religion.

I don’t ask as many questions about religion these days as I did a year or two ago. Not because I have more answers. Rather, because I’ve come to accept (with varying degrees of resentment) that the human experience is quite unlikely to give me the answers I want. I persist in spirituality by some mixture of compulsion, faith, and inertia. It’s never quite enough to let me feel at home, but it’s too much to give up on altogether.

In the meantime, I do my best to write words and love people.

I wish I was better at both — writing and loving. Both require a lot of hard work and showing up when I don’t feel like it. Some days I’m proud of the work I do, and other days I just want to sleep. But I try to keep showing up, and I guess that’s worth something.

The stuff I write tends to be about growing up in a cult, trying to be a good Christian, and ultimately becoming a somewhat-jaded but still-hopeful ex-evangelical post-modern. Sometimes I swear a lot, so don’t read my blog posts out loud to your mom.

I also write stuff that helps my fellow bloggers with writing words and some of the technical bullshit associated with trying to convert our hearts into pixels on strangers’ screens.

If any of that interests you, I'd love to come speak at your conference or church or post-church beer gathering.

I’ve been lucky enough to find a job for myself at the intersection of words + design + people, making beautiful websites and helping clumsy bloggers just like me put their words out into the internet. I’ve gotten to work with some pretty kick-ass people and companies, and for that I’m grateful. If you’re just getting into the blogging game and want to learn some stuff, I wrote a workshop thingy just for you. If you want to hire me to build a website, click here.

Here is some stuff I like: cheeseburgers, brunch, sunshine, electronic music, movie theater popcorn, basketball, airports, and funny GIFs.

I’m the dad to a handful of beautiful children who love shopping at Target and eating at McDonalds and cuddling whilst watching Netflix. I'm dating a stubborn, gorgeous, wicked-smart doctor who also loves shopping at Target and cuddling whilst watching Netflix (but she hates McDonalds).

I used to have a motorcycle but I sold it when I got divorced so now I drive a minivan like a proper dad. I also went skydiving once. It was very cold. I hope you are impressed.

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Thanks for being here.

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