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An Anthology of Madness (A Review)

“Grace is the most magnificent force on the planet, and it is not to be reckoned with. It is intangible, yet smothering. It is the only thing which must first drown us before it can rescue us.”

Max is not kind to language.

While some of us smoothly layer sentences into pleasing paragraphs, Max brutally slams words together until they bleed.

Let me introduce you to An Anthology of Madness.

If you’re afraid of profanity, honesty, or hard questions with no answers, this book is not for you. This book is for the broken, the disillusioned, the wondering, the hoping, the saints-turned-sinners. This is for those who have tried to cling to life and hope and faith and failed. In ten thousand bloody words, it’s whispering, “You’re not alone.”

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In An Anthology of Madness, Max Dubinsky has collected a dozen poems and stories that share glimpses into a journey winding thorough church, brokenness, doubt, and love. He writes with a dark, almost vulgar courage that I’ve rarely seen – especially from Christian authors. I guarantee Anthology will make you squirm. It will mess you up. But at then end, all you’ll see is grace. In his own words:

I think Christian art too often attempts to answer questions no one is asking. And I think this is a large part of what makes many of us label Christian art as lame and repetitive… I believe great art leaves you with questions, not solutions. Without questions, we’d never explore, never experience self-discovery. The ideas in this book are not to be considered absolute truths. The stories I have chosen to publish are simply what was true for me at the time they were written during my personal struggles with sobriety, finding my faith, the church, and grace… I am not the first person to struggle with the ideas they present, and I will not be the last.”

Max has been so kind as to hook me up with a few copies of his book to give away, plus a bottle of Secret Squirrel coffee (because rich coffee goes well with rich words). So here’s the deal: Share this review via Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or carrier pigeon. Then leave a comment right here with your name and email address. On June 25th a winner will be randomly selected from the comments to get two copies of the book as well as some squirrel coffee. Good luck.  Congrats to  Kristy! You were randomly selected to win all this free stuff!


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published June 18, 2013

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