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Of Artists and Patrons

“I truly believe there are artists and there are patrons in the Kingdom.”

A friend told me this the other day, and I think she might be on to something. To be honest, sometimes I wish art was commercially self-sustainable. I wish there was a simple machine to turn words into dollars.

But then, we wouldn’t need each other, would we?

I have no idea what I’m doing. I keep pounding out words here, and you keep reading them, and I’m grateful. Every time I get a message saying “I thought I was the only one, thanks for showing me that I’m not alone,” I realize again that I’m not alone either.

Some days I think about quitting.

Dragging words out of my chest and flinging them across the internet can be exhausting. Some days I want to go away and come back when I’ve got it all figured out, when my words are a little more polished, when my heart isn’t quite so raw and on my sleeve. Some days I think I’d rather be a construction worker.

But the words won’t stop. And I’m glad for that. I love what this mess has become.

Still, I have bills to pay and a family to support. So until they invent that machine that turns words into dollars, I’m grateful that there are patrons as well as artists in the Kingdom.

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published June 23, 2014

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