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Here's to the Children

“Love saves people.”

(My three-year-old son says more in three words than I can in a thousand, and it’s the Gospel.)

“Love saves people,” he told Mommy as he rubbed her head, and he was trying to save her with all the love his little hands could hold.

No wonder Jesus said that the Kingdom belongs to the children.


He’s only three years old, and doesn’t understand much. He doesn’t understand why I have to go to work and get more money when he already has a fistful of coins.

He doesn’t understand why I can’t just snuggle him all the time, or why he has to go to bed at night.

But most days he seems to understand the things that really matter in life a lot better than I do. And I wish I could learn from my children.


They live wild and unafraid, brave as only the innocent can be. Quick to argue but quick to hug and aplogize and forgive.

They wear their hearts on their sleeves as if it’s the most natural thing in the world, as if there’s nothing that can’t be healed with a band-aid and a kiss.

No wonder Jesus said the Kingdom belongs to the children.


So, here’s to the children, messy and exhausting and always underfoot.

Here’s to the boys and girls – little beggars in the kitchen, but rulers in the Kingdom.

Here’s to the children,

To the ones who know what really matters and chase it relentlessly, tripping and falling and getting back up and running again and again.

Here’s to irresponsibility, to idealism, to foolish bravery.

Here’s to living with eyes and hearts wide open.

Here’s to the children.

When I grow up, I want to be like them.


Inspired by Ed Gungor @ Renovatus Church.

published January 27, 2014

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