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some stuff i've written about advent

O Silent Infinite (a Prayer for Advent)

O Silent Infinite, being beyond being which transcends existence (or exists not at all except in our shared desire for You) Our hearts are filled with stories, myths, and songs that say once upon a time on a silent, holy…

In the Beginning…. Shit

Then God spoke into the darkness and said “Let there be light.” And not a damn thing happened.

Rend the Heavens (A Psalm for Advent)

This is my tired advent prayer. Fuck this shit indeed. Amen. Which, being translated, means: How long oh Lord?

Dear God (A Psalm for Lent)

dear god it’s me again it’s february and i can’t tell where the grey horizon ends and the grey sky begins (i can’t tell much of anything anymore) i heard a song today about how “this is my father’s world /…

Dear God, I Have a Few Complaints

Dear God, I have a few complaints. Don’t get me wrong – I like You. I believe in You. Generally speaking, I think You’re doing a decent job at this whole “being the God of the universe” gig. But still, there…