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some stuff i've written about change

day 6: particularly in between

Anne of Green Gables once said about how happy she was to live in a world with Octobers, and I respectfully disagree.

Day 20: Coming Home

Every time I walk through that terminal, past the baggage claim and out the front doors, I love this city a little bit more. This morning she was quiet, hung with thin grey clouds. Scattered amidst her familiar landmarks, the…

Day 11: Embracing the Seasons

I’m scared to death of winter. Winter in Minnesota is hard — anybody who lives here will tell you that. Six months from the first snow to the last, face-numbing cold, day after day after day of grey skies. Winter…

Turning the Page

People often ask me where the name “Redemption Pictures” came from. It started when I was in college, making short films and dreaming big dreams about big screens and Hollywood. “Redemption Pictures” was the name I gave to those little…