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some stuff i've written about legalism

The Civil War Wasn't Your Fault (and Other Things I Wish I'd Known)

“My system could have prevented the Civil War” is more than just laughable hubris. It carries the implicit suggestion that if we had only tried harder, done more, and followed the rules better, we could have prevented our own civil wars.

Dear God, Am I Good Enough For You Yet?

Somewhere along the way, I think I missed the point of it all. Maybe it was when I was a child, and I thought that God would be impressed with me if I woke up before sunrise to pray. Maybe…

When We Criticize the Church

We were sold a package deal. Truth and lies, hope and despair, real and fake – all tied up in a neat package with a bow and sold to us with the label of “Christianity”. The men in the suits…

If My Voice Is Heard At All

If my voice is heard at all,┬álet it be heard whispering hope to those longing to hear. Let it be heard by those who have been sold lies disguised as truth. Let it be heard by those broken hearts who…