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A Thank-You to My Community

A few weeks ago, I asked for your help with Redemption Pictures.

Your response was overwhelming. In just a few hours, you had donated enough to cover a new used laptop and most of a year’s worth of hosting.

Now I am typing these very words upon the new used laptop, generously sent my way by my friend Joy for only a few hundred dollars.

I’m very grateful. Right now I’m exploring more writing opportunities, while also serving cheeseburgers to help pay the bills. Your generosity and support give me the freedom to keep putting words on this blog.

So thank you.

I especially want to thank these friends (most of whom I’ve never met) who supported the Redemption Pictures fundraising campaign:

Penny Hunter
Catherine Murray
Stephanie Drury
Marta Mills
Kenneth Pierce
Stephen Moss
Andrea Osterberg
Rachael Jaeger
Kevin Schellhase
Darrell Childress
Daniel Harding
Tiffani Douglas
James Wohlschlegel
Dion & Sylvia Todd
Deanna Hollas
Samantha Berry
Aaron Gotwalt
Rod Wallace
Anna Wastell
Tina Francis
Elizabeth Bell
David C
Ryan Kuramitsu
Jarrid Wilson
Vincent Lin
Douglass VanDyk
David McCarthy
Michaela Rieli

Whether you gave dollars, shared links on Facebook, e-mailed me notes of encouragement, downloaded my free ebook, or just clicked over here to see what words fell out of my mind on any given day, I’m grateful.

Thank you.

published January 29, 2014

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