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When Theology and Story Collide

The word “story” has become a bit of a cliché by now.

Words only have meaning because we agree that they do, but most days I’m not even sure what this one is supposed to mean anymore. When I was in college a few years ago, it was all we talked about. We weren’t video editors or writers or graphic designers. We were “storytellers”. Now it’s in every conference and book and blog.

Explore your story. Share your story. Live a better story.

I think by now everybody has caught on that humans really dig the word “story”, so it’s ubiquitous. This is when I tend to back away quietly and leave the cool words to those who have something more important and meaningful to say. I think I’m self-aware enough to realize that if I tried to talk about “story” it would be probably be trendjacking on my part.

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published July 25, 2013

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