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Weekend Links (Vol. 5)

It’s Saturday, so I’ve got another round of good things to read. I have collected these just for you during my many wanderings on the internets. I hope you like them.

In Which It All Locks Into Place
by Sarah Bessey

You’ll work again, you’ll waste time watching television, you’ll clean the washrooms, you’ll make supper, you’ll check Facebook, you’ll shout at him about the Legos all over the house. But right now, you simply sink to your knees in the living room because all of your children are at home with you and then you weep at last.

Realizing the Comforts of My Color
by Beth Morey

I saw you, woman with the haunting eyes. I don’t know you or your story, I don’t know why you were begging for coffee, for a single dollar. I don’t know how life has wounded you. I don’t know why you love, what makes you weep. But I saw you.

How to Fall in Love Every Day
by Esther Emery

I used to think to be a good wife I needed to become less powerful. Especially, less opinionated. I have a voice in me like some people have music in them. I can rest from it, but I can’t make it go away. And I always thought submission would be about hiding that. It would be like making myself smaller and more appealing, more what a man would want.

Maya Angelou is Not In Heaven
by Jana Riess

The contemporary heresy that sees the human body as an obstacle to be overcome, as something that will no longer burden us in the afterlife, is just that — a heresy. It is not a Christian idea but a platonic one. Christians like Angelou know better. The body is a gift, one we get to take with us, albeit in a perfected form.

Lament for the Solitary Goose
by Addie Zierman

The abandoned mate blares from the middle of the pond, a steady mournful beat – not so much a song as a dirge, an ugly cry. His call blasts all day, long after Andrew’s removed the dead body and disposed of its remains. After I’ve filled the baby pool and hauled out my raft so that I can lay in the cool water and feel the sun. It pierces through the summer serenity with the loudness of grief. Geese mate for life.

5 Details They Cut From My Season of ‘The Biggest Loser”
by Evan Simon

In 2006, The Biggest Loser was in its third season. This hit reality show focused on a group of 14 people sent off to live in a complex together, with the goal of losing weight via the fastest possible methods that weren’t amputation or amphetamines. However, behind the hasty weight loss, trumped-up drama, and dramatic music, there lurked a dark side.

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published May 31, 2014

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